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Live Music

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Janie Womack & Jody Echterling


Janie Womack and Jody Echterling have been singing together for over 5 years. Janie, singer/songwriter/guitarist, and Jody, singer/drummer/percussionist, have both been making music since they were children and love performing. Jody got her start as a rock drummer, playing in several different bands; Janie’s been a part of several acoustic projects over the years. Now, they’ve joined forces to make some really sweet sounds! Their repertoire includes originals, country, ballads, folk, Americana, blues, and even old standards - “music of many colors”! They both enjoy the exchange between artist and audience, and making people happy with their music. They also perform as a trio along with Kristen Zellner, called Shoot the Moon.  

Chris Auxt

Songwriter • Musician: Acoustic & Electric Guitar • Original Music • Covers • Full Band •

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